About Us

Chabad Young Professionals (#SiliconJew) is the leading scene for Young Jewish Professionals in the Silicon Valley. Where the next generation of young leaders go for Jewish Growth, Social Opportunities and Business Networking.

Connecting the thousands of young Jewish adults in the South Bay to build a vibrant community. At Chabad Young Professionals you will find a welcoming energy, founded on the principles of unconditional love and acceptance, regardless of affiliation.

Recently Moved & seeking community? You will be thrilled to find a home immediately upon your arrival instantly joining an active & deeply caring support network.

Over the past 3 years our events have far exceeded our expectations, with 100 core attendees and over 2500 unique attendees participating in 68+ social, holiday and networking events.

First Fridays:

Our consistent monthly “First Friday” Shabbat meals have given birth to a strong nucleus of young adults. Close friendships have developed. A young couple who met at First Friday last year has recently married. Numerous job referrals have resulted in successful placements. Most importantly, a flame has been kindled that is rapidly evolving into a young adult community characterized by friendship, mutual accountability, and a shared sense of both personal and communal responsibility.

Holiday Events:

Celebrate Your Judaism in style!, Whether its our Chanukah Rooftop BBQ, Micro Brew Purim at Golden State Brewery, Passover Under the Stars , or Very High Holidays you can expect an authentic soulful and energizing Jewish experience. Always wonderful people and Scrumptious spreads.

#SiliconJew Academy:

Infuse your week with purpose! Sign up for any one of our inspiring, accessible and meaningful Classes. Our Curriculums which range from Judaism’s Basics, Kabbalah, and Relationships utilize cutting-edge pedagogic techniques, embracing the multiple intelligence model and utilizing multimedia and an array of approaches to engage, educate, and inspire all kinds of minds in a dynamic Jewish learning experience. Additionally Rabbi Yigal & Elana are available throughout the week for personalized study for the topic and location of your choice.
Personal: CYP is focused on creating opportunities for individual connection. People often turn to us for advice on such matters as dating, bereavement support, substance abuse counseling, or key referrals for needed help. Knowing they can confidentially call upon us at any time, elicits an enormous sense of support

Reach out! We’re excited to meet you!

Rabbi Yigal & Elana Rosenberg

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